The Sound and the Fury

” … I wouldn’t begin counting until the clock struck three. Then I would begin, counting to sixty and folding down one finger and thinking of the other fourteen fingers waiting to be folded down, or thirteen or twelve or eight or seven, until all of a sudden I’d realise silence and the unwinking minds… ”        – William Faulkner

It’s interesting to see where the mind goes during meditation. As we attempt to focus on breath, or counting, or absence, the mind often drifts to concerns about the future, or stories long in the past; things or people we are strongly attached to, that we feel sure are connected to our happiness, or our suffering.  Take a look at it. Where does the mind go?        Not chastising yourself or feeling that you’re failing, just look. See that this train of thought, monologue or story cannot bring you peace or grant your wishes…    and say no.   I want to come back.

I want to come back to that quiet, loving sense of peace. That sound, that silence, that somehow encompasses the entire universe.

Can you find it?              Yes, you can.